Barrel Pump Specifications
TYPE Pneumatic Piston Pneumatic Impeller Electrical Impeller
MODEL BR 40 BR 40 I BR 40 E & BR 40 EFLP ( Flameproof)
AIR INLET ¼ inch ¼ inch  
DISCHARGE PRESSURE - Kg/sq. cm 5.o 1.0 1.5
SHUT OFF HEAD - m 50 10 15
LENGTH/DIA-mm 1000/42 1000/42 1000/42
POWER     1 HP/220V
DUTY CYCLE Continuous Continuous Intermittent 8 mins
WEIGHT Kg 5/9 9/7/5 11/11/7/8

Hand-Operated vs. Electric or Pneumatic Operated Drum Pumps

Hand Operated Electric Pneumatic Operated
Fluid Types Oils, diesel, gasoline, anti-freeze, kerosene, soap solutions Additives, dyes, chemicals that need blending, exhaust fluid
Volume Types Low-Medium High
Use Intervals Intermittent drainage of drums Regular drainage of drums
Working Mechanisms Must be twisted at the nozzle Can be plugged in or run on a battery

What is a Drum Pump?

A drum pump is a pump placed on or inside a drum or barrel, used to remove and transfer the liquid inside. This eliminates the need tip a heavy drum to remove the liquid or manually remove liquid using a mug or container. There are many types of Mandar Drum pumps available in different tube lengths, materials and models.

'MANDAR' Pneumatic Drum Pumps & Motorized Drum Pumps are extremely high quality and user friendly.

Pneumatic Drum pumps and Electric Drum are useful for safe and efficient handling of highly corrosive chemicals, solvents, acids, petroleum products, diesel oil, and fuel oils, plating solution, toxic chemicals etc.

Pneumatic and Electrical Drum pumps facilitate easy removal of fluids from barrels and eliminate danger of spillage, explosion hazards.

Construction of MANDAR Pneumatic Drum Pump is such that operating compressed air never gets in contact with pumped liquid.

Both the pneumatic and electrical Drum pumps can be directly inserted in to the barrel and fits on the bung hole by means of threading provided on the pump adopter. It sucks the liquid from the bottom and hence less chances of leftover material.

The Piston type pneumatic Drum pump does not have any type of motor and hence virtually zero maintenance.

Mandar Pneumatic and Electric motorized as also hand operated barrel pumps are acknowledged as being simple, safe and reliable. Mandar Barrel pumps (also known as Mandar Drum pumps or container pumps are suitable for pumping various low-viscosity and high viscosity fluids as also for transferring of aggressive and highly-flammable fluids

Mandar Pneumatic/ Air operated piston type Drum pumps are available in Aluminium, SS 304 and SS 316 and SS 316

Mandar Pneumatic/ Air operated Impeller type Drum pumps are available in MS, SS and PP

Mandar Electrical/ Motorized Impeller type Drum Pumps are available in MS, SS and PP

Features :

  •  Pneumatic Drum pumps have an adjustable flow rate
  •  Both Pneumatic and electrical Drum pumps are self-priming
  •  Both Pneumatic and Electrical Drum pumps are easy to maintain
  •  Both Pneumatic and Electrical Drum pumps are Light weight.
  •  The Drum Pump nearly completely empties the drum to a liquid residue of about a Litre.
  •  Drum Pumps prevent spillage of highly valuable and Hazardous Chemicals / Inflammable Liquids.
  •  Clean in Place / Steam In Place operations may be performed by simply removing Pump’s Prime Moving Part without disturbing Pump Assembly.
  •  Mandar Drum pump are available with a variety of Shaft Seals made of Elastomers to cater vide range of Chemicals applications.
  •  Mandar Drum Pumps are self-priming and also self-draining on completion of pumping.
  •  Mandar Pneumatic Drum pumps will not be affected when pumping against a closed outlet.
  •  Suction tubes are available in any length from 50cm to over 1.5 m. Custom lengths are manufactured to client’s specifications

Applications of Mandar Drum pumps :

  •  Pneumatic and Electrical Drum pumps are commonly used for chemical, paints and ink transfer.
  •   Pneumatic and Electrical Drum pumps are used in Chemical, Mining, Construction, Cement, Food, Pharma and Marine (Sea water) industry
  •   Pneumatic and Electrical Drum pumps are used for transfer of Acids, Solvents, Chemicals, Bilge, Paint, , Fuel transfer, Lube transfer, Coatings, Printing Inks, Adhesives, Ink Circulation, Oil, Petrochemicals, Fluid transfer, Diesel oil and Fuels
  •  Drum pumps are also used in the Agarbatti and aroma industries
Pneumatic Electrical Barrel Pump Drum Pumps

How Does a Drum Pump Work?

 A drum pump works by fitting into a drum by way of its narrow tube, which houses a vertical shaft. The drum pump also consists of a small motor attached to the shaft, which runs electric or air motor.
 When the drum pump is actuated, its pumping mechanism comes from either the impeller which is at the base of the tube and which sucks out the content or by way of a Piston at the top.
 Some drum pumps can be operated by hand, using Rotary or Piston or Diaphragm movement.
 A Motorized Drum Pump consists of drive motor and pump tube suitable for the application.


How to Choose the Right Drum pump?

The selection of a Barrel pump depends on many factors such as the chemical to be pumped, Viscosity, distance of liquid transfer, required flow rate and other parameters. Determine how the pump is going to be used to choose the right pump series, motor type, accessories and major pump type.

1. Check the compatibility of your application with the Barrel pump’s head and flow, chemical type, fluid, viscosity, size and motor.
2. Make sure the outer tube material is chemically resistant to the fluid in your drum. 3. Select an air drive motor if the liquid you are pumping is flammable or combustible.

Types of Drum pumps

There are two major types of drum pumps: hand operated drum pump or motorized drum pump ( motor can be Electric or Pneumatic)

Mandar Hand-Operated Drum Pumps

Hand-operated drum pumps, as their name suggests, are powered by hand, instead of a motor. They are ideal for remote pumping applications and in instances where there’s little to no power available. Mandar Hand pumps are available as Rotary, Piston or Diaphragm type

Mandar Motorized (Electric or Pneumatic Drum Pumps)

Motorized drum pumps are great to use for tasks that involve a higher volume transfer. They are available with Electric motor or Air motors.

Benefits of Using a Drum pump

Drum pumps are both a practical and useful option for emptying out and transferring the liquids in drums. Other benefits of drum pumps include portability, the ability to be hard-piped into the system and that they are available in metallic and non-metallic materials to minimize corrosion when the pump is in use with corrosive liquids..

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